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Cameron's Hellhounds is a rapier melee unit in the Society for Creative Anachronism.
Our members currently reside in Northshield, Meridies, and Caid.

Honorable Lady Alexandra der Wasserman email
Lord Ahlwin von Hildebrand - inactive email
Lady Kaleigh MacRose (Anandi Gandolfi) - inactive email
Lord Benjamin di Cellini - inactive email
Lady Caelfind ni Mullen (called Alanna) email
Mistress Cassandra Antonelli email
Lord Cosimo di Cellini email
Domna Dejaneecie Amidarium Vu email New! Gulf Wars XXI
Baroness Deirdre Wydeville email
Don Edward of Kent email
Captain Elijah Cameron di Cellini of Black Isle email
Lady Fiora Angelini di Cellini email
Honorable Lord Janvier Wasserman email
Don Jock McKee, M.D. email
Lord Justinian Kolgargen email
Don Lazarus Gauge email
Lady Leona Talbot email
Don Lot (di Cellini) Ramirez email
Lady Lucia di Cellini - inactive email
Lord Marcos de la Cruz email
HE Don Mateo Montero de Madrid email
Don Michael St. Christian email
Lord Raphael ben Gideon email
Lord Robert Talbot email
HE Don Rodrigo de Montoya email
Lady Rosa de la Mer - inactive email
Dona Sibyl Sevenoke email
Baroness Teffan Koerwent email
Lord Tomas Ordoņes Sandino de Triana email New! Gulf Wars XXI
Don Trystan der Facheltraeger email
Herr Ulrich Kreer email

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Many of our members belong to households or schools of fence.
Check them out!

The Hellhounds website is maintained by Teffan Koerwent
Please contact her for website matters (corrections, additions, etc).